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Our Store Policy:

Order directly through our online shop is the easiest,secure and fastest way to receive our products. We accept bank transfert, paypal, payphone, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. 


Ayahuazca Tiki Mugs will issue you a call tag for all defect and/or damaged merchandise. We will replace your merchandise with NO additional costs. 


Since many items we manufacture are fragile, we package our items very carefully and securely. Therefore, damage resulting from shipping is very rare. You must notify us within 48 hours after you've received your shipment to receive credit/replacement goods for items that are damaged in transit. Otherwise, we cannot accept your damage claim. Once you've notified us, we will send out call tags for the damaged items.


At Ayahuazca Tiki Mugs, we perform a 100% quality inspection on EVERY ITEM that we manufacture. Therefore, we do everything possible to make sure that no defective items ever leave our warehouse. Every item that we produce is unique, being somewhat different than another item of the same type in terms of stain, glaze and general appearance. An item that appears somewhat different than what is shown on our website is normal. All items here are artistic; they are each individually unique and in no way can any item that we manufacture be exactly identical to the same item even if it is from the same production run. That is what makes our items cool and collectible! If for any reason you deem any of our items defective, please notify us within 48 hours after having received the item(s), and we will immediately correct the situation by either sending you a replacement shipment (after sending a call tag and receiving the item(s) back into our warehouse) or by crediting your order (after sending a call tag and receiving the items(s) back into our warehouse). No returns are allowed unless we are notified within 48-hours of your receipt of the item(s).

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