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Allin p’unchaw... Welcome!

Our story begins with a long journey, from the South Pacific to the Atlantic coasts, stretching from North to South: 

Imagine enjoying volcanic islands, crossing high Andes mountains, through deep jungles, and rainbow deserts. There comes the point where you learn all about ancient aboriginal civilizations, amazing archaeological sites, tropical Caribbean islands and the brave traders and wayfarers who ventured into these wild lands.


Aboriginal cultures left us more than 15000 years of amazing ruins and secret places still cloaked in a veil of mystery, leading us through the deepest recesses of our minds and hearts.

A special thanks goes to all the native people on the American continent, to which Ayahuazca Tiki Mugs pays its utmost respect and owes its very foundation.

Join us in this long and exciting voyage!


Owner & Founder

Carlos Miguel Lopez

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